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About Us...

Hi and welcome to Titan Doberman. We fell in love with the Doberman breed almost 20 years ago when we were looking for a large breed dog with beauty and intelligence. We decided the Doberman Pinscher fit us and our lifestyle. The breed however is not for everyone, Dobermans are highly intelligent and require a calm, stable, firm, and smart family, or they will happily take that role for themselves. They must also have plenty of vigorous exercise every day, as well as stimulating mental challenges. If they do not receive the attention needed, they will become destructive. 

We have been breeding Doberman Pinschers for 15 years and have enjoyed every minute of it-from showing and working our Doberman to the wellbred puppies we produce and then matching those puppies with the correct homes that will bring them to their full potential...whether in the show ring, the working field, or just as a beloved family pet.

Please take time to read through our website, learn more about us and our dogs and feel free to contact us with any questions, we are always more than happy to "talk Dobe".

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