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“It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.”

INT/NAT CH Wolfz Rumors of Jade v. Titan TT

"Breeze" is sweet as can be! She is the typical happy Doberman. Breeze loves to snuggle up with a warm blanket and her human "kids". She is protective of her family but happy to meet any new friends once the OK is given. She is extremely intelligent, picking up new commands and tricks with ease.

Breeze has a smooth, flowing gait with wonderful reach and drive, she is a very flashy bitch that draws your eye when she moves around the show ring. She is conformationally correct and we cannot wait to get her back into the show ring this year!

She easily finished her INT/NAT CH title and will be shown in UKC as well as working towards competitive obedience titles.

OFA Hips-Good

OFA Elbows-Normal

OFA Patella-Normal

OFA Dentition-Full and correct

vWD (Vetnostics)- Carrier

DNA DCM (Vetnostic)-Heterozygus

OFA Cardiac-Normal


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