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Holter Monitor Rental

As a Breeder and a person that deeply believes in the health of our dogs, we are offering to rent our personal Holter monitor to individuals that are looking to diagnose heart problems in their dogs, or are doing the testing for a potential breeding in the future.   

If you are interested in using our Holter, please contact us for information regarding available rental dates. When emailing, please include the dates that you would like to use the Holter as well as the number of kits that you will need. Rentals are for 10 days, which will allow a significant number of dogs to be tested. I use Alba Medical services for the reading of the Holter. 

To help with the testing process, I will include detailed instructions for setting up the Holter, placement of the electrode pads, and proper hook up of the leads. Also included is the vest used to secure the leads properly.

*There is no charge for Holter monitor rental for anyone who owns a Titan Doberman*

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