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So your thinking about a Titan Doberman...

Doberman Pinschers are wonderful dogs-we certainly love them! They are loyal, intelligent, and loving family members....with the proper training and socialization.

Doberman puppies are mischievous, high energy puppies that need supervision, socialization, training to turn them into outstanding adults.

We are very selective about the homes our puppies go to, this is a large powerful breed that if not raised correctly can have severe consequences.

We expect all of our puppies to attend atleast 2 training classes and ideally each puppy achieve atleast a AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) by a year of age. The training classes provide excellent socialization for puppies as well as help to build a solid foundation for becoming a well rounded adult dog. If you do not have a training club in mind we are more than happy to help you find a good AKC accredited club. But socialization does not end there- we want our puppies to be out and exposed to as many different things as possible. Once of the items you will receive from us is a check list of over 100 different things to expose your puppy to. The more your puppy sees and does while young the better he/she will mature into a well rounded adult.

We expect our puppies needs for daily mental and physical exercise to be met. These needs vary from dog to dog. Some will only need a walk around the block and quick play session to be happy-others will need more. We will discuss the activity level you are looking for and help match the correct puppy to you. Just a warning though-puppies in general are high energy and require alot of time and attention but Doberman puppies more so! For the first 15-18 months of your puppy's life you will busy!

We want our puppies to be a part of your family. They are indoor dogs that are very much a "Velcro" dog-they want to be around you all the time! We want families that desire a dog that will be a family member-not a lawn ornament. We feel as though crate training is essential to a dogs well being so we expect all of our puppies to be crate trained.

We want all of our puppies to be fed a quality diet through out their lives. Not all dogs do well on one specific food, so you may have to make some adjustments as needed. A good place to begin the search for quality food is at: We also have links to some of the foods we recommend on our Links page-but that is just a small handful of the good foods available. We personally give all of our dogs coconut oil daily for their coats in addition to their high quality (rated 4 star) food.

Raising a litter of well bred, well socialized puppies out of titled and health tested parents is not cheap, at times it requires around the clock care and missed days from work. We are happy to discuss the pricing of our puppies when we have our phone conversation as well as all other specific information. In general, for a well bred puppy who has been cropped/docked/dewclaws prices range from $2500 to $3500 in this area. We do understand that not everyone can afford or wishes to spend that which is why we also have links to Doberman Rescue on our website. Those dogs are just as deserving of a wonderful home as any other Doberman.

If, after reading though some of our expectations, you wish to move forward with a puppy from us the next few paragraphs should provide a detailed understanding of moving forward with a potential puppy.

The process of bringing home a Titan Doberman puppy

Once you have read through our website and feel that a Doberman puppy, specifically a Doberman puppy from us, is a good fit for you there is a process we follow.

While we are happy to answer general questions via the "Contact Us" button if you are seriously inquiring about wanting to add a puppy to your family we recommend filling out our Puppy Application as a way to introduce yourself to us and so we can get an understanding of what type of puppy you are looking for. Our response time to applications or inquiries vary as we keep busy with our dogs, our jobs, and children. It's not uncommon for it to be 3 to 5 days before we have time to go through the application, so please do not think we are not interested if you do not receive an instant reply. 

Once we have reviewed the application and feel as though we potentially have a puppy or breeding that would produce a puppy who would be a good fit, you will receive an email from us-it may contain some follow up questions or information about upcoming breedings. We will also set up a time to discuss everything in detail. Typical first phone conversations last around an hour- it is a way for us to get to know each other and ensure we can have a great working relationship together. After the phone conversation we will begin our vet/ reference checks as well as a few additional conversations.

If we feel as though you would be a good fit for a Titan puppy and we approve you for a puppy, you will receive a copy of our contract to review and we can go over any other questions you may have. We are always available via phone/email/text for any questions you may have and we stay in contact as the litter grows up as well as once they leave us.

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